Cummins Power Club

If you own an RV or Dodge Ram truck with a Cummins Engine, or if you have an Onan generator
you’ll want to join the club.  Members receive a 10% discount on Genuine Cummins Parts: New, ReCon, Filtration,Onan Parts (Cummins Power Generation Products) and Valvoline products.  The discount also applies to service repairs and maintenance on Cummins and Onan products.

Cummins Power Club is supported by Cummins Distributors throughout the United States and Canada. These distributors are committed to meeting your parts and service requirements.

Annual membership is only $19.95 in the United States and $22.95 in Canada.

Questions About The Cummins Power Club

Q:   What is the Cummins Power Club?

A:   Cummins previously maintained two clubs, The Power Masters and Power Boosters Clubs, to service recreational vehicles, Dodge Pickups and Cummins Onan generators. The Cummins Power Club replaces these clubs in order to better service our Cummins customers with expanded services and benefits.

Q:   Who is eligible to join the Cummins Power Club?

A:  The club is designed for retail end users or owners of Cummins engines and Cummins Onan generators. Typically, this is recreational and pleasure vehicle owners, such as Dodge PU and Recreational Vehicles. The vehicle use is non-commercial.

Q:   What are the club’s services and benefits?

A:   Cummins Power Club members receive the following benefits from participating Cummins Distributors:

10% Parts and Service Discounts
Expanded Service Coverage throughout the United States and Canada
Toll-Free Club Service: 866-442-9576
Engine Assistance Center through 1 (800) Diesels or 1 (800) 343-7357

Q:   How do I learn more about the Cummins Power Club?

A:  The club has a Web site at Or contact a Cummins Distributor in the United States and Canada.

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