Five Tips for Safe and Economical RV Travel

  1. Maintain a steady speed. An experienced driver optimizes the speed by working with the transmission. The driver allows the vehicle to slow down enough to downshift and then cruises just a few miles above that point, adjusting to wind resistance. For coach diesel engines the rule of thumb is that each 10 miles per hour costs you 1 mile per gallon. 
  2. Check your tire pressure frequently. Check the owners manual for recommended tire pressure for fuel economy and safety. Did you know that for every 5 PSI under the recommended PSI, you lose 1 percent of fuel economy due to extra tire rolling resistance? 
  3. Take only what you need to enjoy your trip. Extra weight means more tire rolling resistance. Too much weight is the cause of many major accidents. Keep in mind that it's no longer a "three-day ride" to the general store for provisions. If you leave something behind you can always find it nearby. Note that e-books are much lighter than your typical summer library. 
  4. Limit unnecessary idling. It wastes fuel, pollutes the air and in more and more places it's illegal. Once land at a rest stop or parking lot, kill the engine. The motorhome's rooftop AC is likely powered by an Onan or Cummins generator which provides an economical energy source as needed to keep the vehicle cool for you and your critters. 
  5. Keep the radiator clean. Clogged radiator vents for the cooling fan to work harder. Motorhomes with rear engines can pull in 30 to 60 HP from behind the coach. Engine heat increases and requires additional horsepower to stay cool. A clean radiator can make a difference. 

Before you leave remember that Cummins Coach Care RV Centers can get your rig ready for your summer adventure.  With Coach Care Centers across the country, they are nearby to fix virtually anything that may go wrong while on the road. Most Coach Cares have all the amenities like dog runs and Wi-Fi.

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